About Us

Lavish Rags Boutique, Inc is a women's clothing and accessory boutique that is mainly online and is based in Dallas, Texas.
We are proudly owned by That's Taheerah, Inc, and we fall under a corporate umbrella that includes several other stores, such as, Fabulous Furniture Boutique, To the Nines Boutique, and Adorn Hair Company.

Started from RAGS now we're LAVISH!

Our Mission: To offer affordable, high-quality products to girls and women ages 14 – 60. Our goal is to empower women through the love of Christ and fashion. We believe that we can help families by encouraging women and offering them the support they need to support their families.
Lavish Rags Boutique is an online women's clothing store that offers high quality products at affordable prices.

We are not your average boutique! All of our luxury products are paired with superb customer service, and price tag that can fit into your budget.

The story behind our name: Lavish Rags is an oxymoron of course, but the meaning is very easy to understand. All clothes start from mere rags (the fabric is just that), but these rags are woven into the beautiful pieces that we present in our store. From Rags to Lavish. We hope that you love what we have to offer, and we would love to hear from you, please feel free to reach us at the contact information listed below. We value all of our beautiful clients, and we work harder and harder daily to become more Lavish for you!

Lavish Rags Boutique, Inc
8500 N Stemmons Fwy Ste 6000
Dallas, Texas 75247
Toll Free 866-412-7779

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